We always need more help! If you would like to make a donation, please contact our director. In addition to food, we always have a "Wish List" for needed equipment and supplies. Cash donations are tax deductible, of course. All inquiries are welcome.


To Our Community

For all the ways you show your support.

To Our Local Stores

For the high quality food you donate and your friendly willingness to give back to our community.

To Our Associates

St. Mary's Food Bank
For the food you provide to our programs, and your friendship and help in so many ways

For the funds you provide to purchase needed additional food for our emergency food programs.

To Friendship Missions International

  For providing the building in which we operate.

To The National Association of Letter Carriers

For the tremendous efforts of all of you, your families and friends in your annual food drive.

To The People We Serve

For not giving up hope.

For seeking the assistance you need to weather difficult circumstances and get back on your feet.

By strengthening yourselves and your families, you strengthen our community.



Mid-size Cargo Van