Open Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 10 AM - 3 PM

A Community All Volunteer Organization 

Mission Statement

We recognize that suffering, destitution and hunger are not limited to one class. It is the mission of Arizona Food & Family Foundation to see all people in need as our neighbors, without regard to race, color or creed and, to the best of our ability, provide food until they once again become self sufficient.


 Who We Are

We are Central Arizona Food Bank, started in 1958, a community based, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to dispensing emergency food. We are the emergency food source for the entire Verde Valley, distributing approximately 90,000 pounds of food per month. We served 2,262 unique families one or more times during 2002.

The largest amount of our food comes from Phoenix area food banks, as well as local merchants.

FEMA funds are used exclusively for food purchases, comprising about 20% of the total food we distribute. Hunger is the only qualification.